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Emotional Trauma

Boldly Me

About Boldly Me

Our Vision: to help people to transcend the emotional trauma caused by differences due to birth conditions, medical treatments, injury, disease, and self-perception. Individuals will embrace themselves and pursue their life dreams confidently and fearlessly.

Our Mission: to provide inspiration, support, education, guidance, connections, and counseling for individuals and their support system.

Our Purpose: to build community awareness and individual self-esteem so that feeling or being different is embraced by the individual and society.

Boldly Me focuses on creating activities that encourage our communities to relax and enjoy their lives to the fullest despite the disability, disease or other differences they are facing. These differences may include but aren't limited to hair loss, weight issues, burn injuries, physical injuries, birth defects, organ removal, sensory problems, and degenerative disorders. We help people build their self esteem by teaching them how to have self-compassion, be physically well, and also to gain financial stability.

We want to help those who face these life challenges to learn to
BOLDLY love and embrace themselves, their families, and their

What We Also Offer

  • Public & Private School Visits
  • School Assemblies & Classes
  • On-site Visits for Hospitals, Other Non-Profits, Clubs
  • Corporate Seminars
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Craft Days

What We Provide